Watercolor Nailart - Floral Designs

Class Information
6 Lessons @ SGD300.00 (USD230.00)
Starting date : 7 May 2018  End date : 11 June 2018
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This course will be completed in 6 lessons over 6 weeks. The video will be released in a private Facebook group every Monday over 6 weeks. You will need to sign up for an account with Facebook and after you have registered for this class, we will invite you to the group when the lessons are posted. Once you purchase the class, you will be able to access the video anytime at your own convenience.
In every lesson, I will list the products and brushes that I use to create my watercolor nail art. The unique features of this watercolor technique is elegance, effectiveness and extremely workable in the salon. 
Lesson 1 - creating dry flower effects with watercolor & learning to use your brushes
Lesson 2 - creating layers and mastering colors with abstract flowers
Lesson 3 - working with lines and and creating freestyle flowers 
Lesson 4 - romantic roses
Lesson 5 - flower composition and styling 
Lesson 6 - elegant peonies 

Online Class Access on Private Facebook Group 
  • 1. You need to have a Facebook account.
    2. Email your facebook account name to crgt11@gmail.com upon purchasing this course.
    3. We will then invite you to the private facebook group "NailQ Academy Online"  
    4. The watercolor class will be posted weekly from May 7, 2018 - Jun 11, 2018. 

Course Certification
Once you have completed the class and recreated the nails that are taught in class, email them to crgt11@gmail.com with your full name and you will received a HD digital certificate in PDF format

Products to prepare:

1) Water-colour paints & cup of water
2) Roubloff Squirrel Brush #1, #2 (or any round brush #1, 2)
3) Simple One LS3 Brush (or any filbert brush #1)
4) White Nail Tips (or Paint your nail tips with white gel polish and buff to remove shine)
5) Gel Topcoat & Matte Top Coat
6) Buffer
7) Gel Lamp
8) Wipes / paper towel