Why Online Class ?

At the beginning, it is perfectly acceptable to start out learning through trial and error, but it gets to a point where if it's causing you stress and uncertainty, it might be time to consider the other options available to you.

Trying over and over again to learn something new but it seems like the more you research and the harder you try, the more confused you are ? Or maybe you have been doing this for a while but don't see any improvement so you are ready to give up ?

You know there is something missing but maybe you are too embarrassed to ask for help ? Or have you always wanted to do an in-person class with me but don't live in Singapore ? I do travel to teach, but I can't be everywhere :) And travelling to visit me could be a really expensive hassle (because Singapore is just so expensive)  So...this is why I have created my online class NailQ Academy after numerous request from nail techs overseas who wanted to take my class.

You can experience my …

Watercolor Nailart - Floral Designs